Watercolor Pet Portraits!


 An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.

                                                     Martin Buber

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About Me

My Background


Painting has always appealed to me since I was a child.  To have a person shed tears at the sight of their commissioned pet portrait is the best compliment I can receive and it happens more times than you think.  People say, "How did you capture their spirit" or  "I can see their soul through their eyes".  That means I have done a good job and made a connection with the pet.  I also like to know the pet's name.  I can't explain it but the end result is noticeably better when I do!  Other than pets, I like to paint anything you can find in nature as long as there are no straight lines.  Ever noticed that?  There are not straight lines in nature, only in man-made object.  And while I have total respect for artists that can paint a straight line, I prefer plants, animals and water.  

I follow three rules of thumb:

  • Be bold,
  • Be loose and, 
  • stop painting just before you think you are finished, put the brush down and step away.

Home is in Birmingham, AL along with my two long haired dachshunds, Scout and Bishop.

My Medium


Watercolor.  Why watercolor?  It’s becoming more and more rare these days to see watercolor artist taking part in shows and festivals.  Watercolor is too hard they say.  It’s not forgiving they say.  You can’t make mistakes they say.  That’s all the reason I like it.  You learn to paint fast, to turn bloopers into happy mistakes you never expected and to give up control allowing the piece to paint itself.  


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