Watercolor Pet Portraits!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you paint people portraits?

Currently, my focus is on animals but I hope to be able to add people very soon.

What types of payments do you accept?

I prefer some form of electronic payment such as Venmo or Paypal or I can also send you an invoice via FaceBook.  I also accept personal checks.

Can you frame my piece of art?

Sure!  I have a couple of online framing services that I work with.  If you are interested in having your piece matted and framed, please let me know and I can share some examples.  

I have two or three pets. Can you paint all of them together in one painting?

I recommend that the pets be painted on separate paintings.  There are a couple of options.  You can frame them separately or frame them together using one mat with two or more openings.  I can send you an example if you are interested in this option.  It is possible to include up to 7 or more pets within the same frame.  Let me know if you are interested and we can discuss some possible layouts and framing ideas.

Can you write the name of the pet on the painting?

I would suggest that you consider adding the name in as part of the framing process.  When the mat is cut, an additional opening can be added accenting the name.  If you are interested, let me know and I can share more information about this option.

Do I have to pay a deposit before you start my painting?

Absolutely not!  Payment is not expected until you are completely satisfied with your painting.  You will receive a "draft" when I am nearing completion.  Upon your approval, the final piece will be mailed to you and payment can be made.

What next?

Thank you for your interest in having your pet's portrait commissioned.  It is my goal to leave you with something to be cherished for a lifetime.  All of my work is hand-painted on 140 lb. paper (unless specified otherwise) using professional grade watercolors.  

The process is simple.  Just answer a few basic questions (click the FORM button to the right) and then send a couple of your favorite photos.  You can send the photos to timblantonart@gmail.com or text them to 205-305-2610. The photos that yield the best results are taken close up, outside if possible or well lit if taken inside, and in good focus.  Another tip is to take the photo on the same level as the pet and not standing over and looking down.

Payment (USD) is not expected until you are 100% satisfied.  I will send a draft image for your approval near the end of the process.  I encourage you to give any feedback.  Once the commission is complete, I will mail to you via U S Postal Service.  Domestic shipping fees are included in my price.  International shipping fees can be calculated in advance.  The completion time varies based on the breed of animal, size of the painting and the length of the waiting list.  I will try to give you an estimate after I receive your photos.

If you are a FaceBook user,  please take a look and LIKE my page, Tim Blanton Art!  https://www.facebook.com/timblantonart/  You can see many examples of my work including subjects other than pets.

Pet portraits make great gifts for others and are especially treasured when given in memory of a pet that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

I consider it an honor to be asked to paint such an important part of your life and will do my best to capture the soul of your beloved pet.  Thank you for trusting me with such an important task.  

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